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Tips of the Day......


Myth of Time


whats the secret?


Is there a secret no one is telling us?


Everyone uses the excuse


'I don't have time'

 'I wish I had more time'


"time goes by so fast"


However everyone has the same 24 hours in a day & some manage to get way more out of each day most that drag their arse's....Is that You??


Pay Attention:


You always find 'Time' when you are excited to do it




When you are under 'pressure' painful challenge to get it


done! Right? think about those times when you were excited about something or in a pinch...


So why not be excited or happy to do it to avoid painful moments. You create time to do what you want!

I have zero energy to manage time, manage things and people. Its just not happening.

I want to condense as much activities into a moment and one of the best ways to do this is by 'chunking' your activities and chunk your time too. Chunk your weeks, into days, into hours, into actual 15 minute chunk blocks.


You will be most productive focusing on 15 minute blocks of time during a day. When things are put into chunks, small blocks of time, your mind will focus on the fastest way, quickest way to complete the task.

Daily practice you will master this skill in a short of time too. So take your goal, your task and chunk them into chunks and then take 3 tasks and do them in the 15 minute blocks of time.


For a more detail or step by step process of this skill of create more time for the visual more detail learner there is a section of our free resources & work sheets.


Enjoy! Love & Light