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Melina teaches that self-care is so important, not only on a physical level, but on a mental and intuitive level. As well as, taking care and

making yourself a high priority will help you in all aspects of your life. You must put yourself as a priority first, in order to be able to take care of everyone that needs you and in order to reach out and take care of many people on your pathway. This saying is very profound and rings true with our soul....


" My cup runneth over’"...

when your cup is flowing over you can impact others and give to others. When your ‘cup’ is empty then you can reach a point of burnout.

Burnout can happen to anyone at any time and once it does, it has an extreme impact on you and others in your life. And at times it can have serious consequences. Find out how to avoid it all together, or if you are there already how to recover and stay away from burning out again. Burnout is a loud ~Whisper~ that you need to self-direct, shift gears, tweak your path or all together you are supposed to be on a different road.


Melina loves being a catalyst in people’s lives to empower them and make an impact in their life and the journey they are on with Divine purpose.

Melina’s journey has given her many different experiences and from that she has learned from not only her own personal experiences; moreover, through experiences other have had she gained insight. Which enable her to share her personal story to help, guide, support and inspire others when they are facing life's struggles and challenges themselves.

After graduation she started on her journey with many different jobs, career pathways that gave her experience and knowledge in many areas of life that she uses daily. She was in search of finding her place and where she fits in the world, and to live life with passion. Life has a way of teaching us through the school of hard knocks, which for Melina started at birth and continued throughout her life. Life experiences from abandonment, single parent to everything in between to even being a caregiver to a loved one until they passed away.


Melina has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has not had a boss since and will always embrace owning your own life on your terms. Melina can show you that you can create anything you desire even in struggles & the challenges that life my toss your way.


Melina has experienced a lot in her life and these experiences now enable her to help guide others in a compassionate way of unconditional love with a touch of boldness.


Melina has done what a lot of people do, especially women; who make choice to put everyone first before themselves. When they do this their life is totally involved or wrapped around the family members and they lose themselves and forget who they are. Or in Melina's case, they don’t know who they are because they have lost their own identity from taking care of everyone else.

Then they become out of balance and are not being true to their core of who they are or what their calling really is. A lot of single mom’s make a common mistake of stepping into their masculine energy way too much, while trying to make up for the ‘dad’ not being around This is another way to cause you to become out of balance.


Life has a way of giving you wake up calls. At first, they start with a whisper, then a rock, then if you still do not listen that’s when you will get a boulder to smack you up the side of the head. It causes you to really crash and burn, where suddenly you find yourself at what feels like your rock bottom, or a new beginning as Melina calls it. Its time for you to heal and move forward. Because you allowed yourself to crash and burn it will take a little longer to achieve it. However, the Divine loves speed and once you decide what you want things have a way of flowing and manifesting quickly.


Melina can intuitively coach and mentor you to listen and pay attention to those whispers before life has to throw you the boulder for the Big wake-up call. However, if you happened to be in a ‘do over’ place it’s never too late. You are in the right place and right time for a new direction on your Divine path. Melina is there to show you how to pick up the pieces, guide you with her unique witty sense of humor with her own facet of style. She always coaches with unconditional love, tenderness, open heart with no judgement however don’t be fooled she is bold and blunt too. No holds bar because she wants the best for you if she chooses to take you on as a client.


Melina will help you discover what lights you up and help you live with passion. Create a life you love; through following your heart and listening to your inner guidance.