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Ruffling Feathers~(BLOG)

Ruffling Feathers~(BLOG)

Grief...Everyone will experience since no one is getting out alive!

Posted on 30 August, 2019 at 16:15

Moments that we experiece throughout the giref process....

I had a moment today which is a very normal experience that maybe some don’t realize happens during the journey of grief. When you loose a loved one and you are learning a new normal with out them. I thought I would share it and maybe it will give someone a little comfort, or understanding or just that your fine & normal it happens. Today I had a lunch meeting with a couple of people. It was great and exciting things are being created. All good and great.

My moment was that afterwards I jumped in my Jeep and excited to share the news.....

So of course my first gut reaction was crap, I better hurry and race over to the ‘home’ before Grandmas dinner and tell her all about it and so she doesn’t give me crap for disrupting her supper lol. I stopped in my tracks, slapped my head...went oh man! What a blonde moment lol. Laughed a bit, cried a bit then called up my soul sister to tell her about my moment and we laughed at it with a little. Ohmygawd Melina your human after all. Lol, yep been a year and a half since she crossed over with the family. You never get over the loss of loved ones however you do learn to move forward, move through it on a new journey and learn new ways to live your life with them in a different way.

Celebrate your successes.

Embrace your cherished moments

Allow your emotions, feelings & know that these moments happen and find the humour in them that your human. And I know in that moment my Grandparents called me a few funny names for my moment lol!

Melina Lindsay Phoenix Warrior

Stand in your own power! Own it! You matter!

In love & light!

Categories: What I know right now...

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