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Melina's Story

Melina has learned to embraced every minute of her

journey so far....


Do you know how to stand in your own power?


You can 'BE' your own Superhero in your life & tap into your true potential!


As an Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Mentor, Intuitive Lifestyle Coach. Melina has empowered leaders & with supporting them in discovering what they want most in life to achieve their goals.


Melina can help create the life you want and to become your fullest potential.


Melina wants to help you to live your life's purpose with success in all areas you choose on your own terms.

Phoenix Warrior

Phoenix Warrior's are strong, courageous, intentional, deep thinkers, passionate & unconditional love. They are ready to offer & find solutions to all daunting challenges. They call on their strength to keep moving forward with a positive shield & appreciate all victories they achieve.   

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